As a studio director, I am always confident going into a competition weekend with Dance Canada. I know that it will be an organized, professional and well-run event. I know that my dancers and their families will return to the studio with smiles on their faces. And I know that it will be one of the highlights of our dance season each year.

Monika Hodge, Director, TORONTO DANCE INDUSTRY

Dance Canada is the competition that feels like home, from the impecable organization to the entire weekend execution. I believe the spirit and desire to provide children, parents and dance professionals an enviroment to shine in their own light. The industry is now filled with so many choices but we at JCB Danceworks always choose to come “home” to Dance Canada, Thank you to the entire staff for providing such an amazing experience year after year.

Jacqueline Cook-Barber, JCB Danceworks

Thank you for running such a well-organized competition. My teaching faculty, students, and their parents all appreciate that your events are on time. The award sessions run smoothly, efficiently, and your MC is extremely professional. It’s helpful to know that when stressful circumstances arise, such as a quick change or costume issue, your staff is calm and competent. Finally, the pageant experience was a positive one and even those who didn’t participate were honoured to have qualified. My parents are very excited to return to Dance Canada!”

Susan Spring, All That Dance Studios Inc.